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The control of the energy in the air was shocking to all, and that included the Chrono, they had never seen anything like that, and even now while they were struggling it felt like they could do nothing and it was just against the air that was around them.

Even the other’s felt like they would have been swept up if they didn’t act.

The amazing thing was, the Chrono weren’t even weak, yet they were being held back by this energy that was just naturally in the air. It was frightening to think what more this demon king Unzoku could do with it. The group was going against the unknown here, and they had been doing it the entire time.

‘If we were all to use our full strength, would we be able to take on this demon king?’ Hikel thought. ‘Is this what world Quinn went to, is this the type of beings that he was prepared to face.’

There was a thump in Hikel’s chest but the blood was flowing through him as he thought of the situation. The markings that were branded over his face, and his arms were starting to glow a little, causing a deep stinging pain for Hikel.

‘I went through a lot to get here, and I did so I wouldn’t be a burden. I will hold off on creating a signal for the others to come back just yet.’ Hikel decided.

The signal of energy was meant to be a signal for them having found Quinn in the first place, not for needing help. As an original vampire, Hikel had his sense of pride, how could he give up on fighting just from one’s appearance.

With everything going on, there was one person who was somewhat sitting back and not in a stressful situation as they watched everything and that was Russ. He had decided to go deep into the cellar towards the staircase.

Not too far, where his powers would still work having summoned Hinto, while staying far enough away to where one might not notice him. He was using the shadow travel skill anyway so it was unlikely they would notice him in the first place.

‘So this must have been the one I could sense in that Champion’s memory.’ Russ thought. ‘I can’t believe this world really is as menacing as they said. In that person’s mind there was more than one that I was unable to summon, and this must have been one of them ‘

Due to Russ knowing he was unable to summon them, he had an idea of the great power the demon king, and Immortui, most likely had. If all else failed, he still had his two trump cards by his side, but who knew whether they would also be strong enough.

‘With the three of them against that demon king, there should be no reason for me to get involved.’ Russ thought.

All of the attention of Unzoku had gone onto Shinto. He was staring at him deeply as if he didn’t care for the intruders.

“After all this time, why would you choose to go against me now?” Unzoku thought. “You should know my power better than anyone else. If you wished to best me, then you should have tried from the beginning.”

As Unzoku was speaking, saliva was dripping out from his mouth between his fangs. When the saliva dropped onto the floor, it looked as if it had melted on the ground but the spit wasn’t acidic, it was just because even his saliva had so much condensed energy it affected the floor.

Shinto gripped his two axes carefully, and thought about what Unzoku was saying, there was a reason for his nickname the demon king, the devourer.

Werewolves were creatures that got stronger based on what they ate, however there was a limit to that. Once they had reached a certain point, they would have to eat higher and stronger beings in order to continue to grow.

It was the whole reason for the pit to exist in the first place. The Chrono were a strong race, and they had great potential. In order to bring out that potential, werewolves were pitted against them every night. The Chrono were made to fight for their lives and grow stronger each night they survived.

At the same time, those that didn’t survive were consumed by the weaker werewolves making them stronger. Shinto had witnessed it every night, he had witnessed his people get shipped into this place and forced to comply with it all.

He watched again and again, unable to do anything. It was the same result though, towards the end, when the remaining Chrono survived and had survived several nights, that’s when Unzoku would arrive. He would feast on the strongest Chrono in hopes that it would increase his strength.I think you should take a look at

In reality, Shinto thought it was useless. He felt that Unzoku was already a being far above any of the other Chrono, he was either just doing it for fun, or in hopes that one day there would be a feast worthy enough for him.

Unzoku’s large tongue came out of his mouth and started to swirl around his large teeth.

“You know, I always wanted to eat you, from day one. I waited and waited for you to grow stronger, you Shinto are my hope, my hope that I will finally have a meal that will satisfy me and bring me to the next level!”

There was a part that had been missed out though, the fact that Immortui had told him not to eat any of the champions, due to them being great allies in the up and coming war against the celestials.

‘Tst… Immortui, probably is just worried that if I eat too much that I might even grow stronger than him… I could always claim it was an accident.’ Unzoku thought.

While staring at Shinto, he saw him glance at the Chrono to his right. It had allowed for a moment for Unzoku’s attention to change. It was strange, perhaps these strangers and Shinto made sense to survive his red energy push but another Chrono.

If there was one, then it meant that they at least needed to be as strong as Shinto. When he took a deep stare at the Chrono, his eyes widened slightly.

“What is this… is this the reason why you choose to betray us!” Unzoku started to laugh. “I see, the two of you were related, but this is impossible, it is impossible for him to be here. Shinto, it looks like you are being tricked, the one that is by your side. It is impossible for you brother to be here.”

Shinto didn’t know what to do, whether to strike now, or listen to the ramblings, but he was sure whatever the demon king was going to say was all just to confuse him.

“You see, your brother was taken by the celestials, by the gods long ago… and your brother… is dead. That right there is a fake.” Unzoku said.

“A fake?” Shinto said, turning his head. He didn’t want to believe it, after all this time, and why would his brother be taken by the celestials. At the same time though, he did feel like something was off about Hinto.

“Let me prove it to you.” Unzoku flicked his finger, and out came a sharp nail. It was faster than a bullet and went right through Hinto’s head, in doing so, the body fell to the floor, it had been defeated by a single flick, by a single finger nail that was now stuck in the ground.

Shinto was ready to fight, to rage at his brother’s death until the body right in front of him started to disappear in front of his eyes.

Russ, who was still far back watching this all, started to worry a bit.

‘Crap… this situation might have taken a turn for the worse, we might now have to go up against that demon king and the champion!’

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