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Chapter 5595: Qin Hang’s Attitude

Upon seeing Long Xiaoxiao pass the Ninecolored Heavenly Lightning Pearl to him, Chu Feng subconsciously looked at Qin Hang, thinking that it was funny how the situation had turned out. When he saw Qin Hang’s expression, he couldn’t hold it in anymore and burst into laughter.

“Chu Feng, you mustn’t turn down my goodwill.” Long Xiaoxiao misunderstood the reason behind Chu Feng’s laughter; she thought he would turn down her gift, so she stuffed the pearl into his hand. 

Long Xiaoxiao then turned to Qin Hang and said, “Senior Qin Hang, how much did you spend on the Ninecolored Heavenly Lightning Pearl? I’ll return the sum to you.”

Qin Hang felt incredibly displeased but kept his composure and said, “Not much. It’s just a chump change to me. Keep your money to purchase other cultivation resources instead.”

“Thank you, Senior Qin Hang,” Long Xiaoxiao happily accepted Qin Hang’s goodwill.

Had Qin Hang demanded Long Xiaoxiao pay for the Ninecolored Heavenly Lightning Pearl, Chu Feng would have paid up on her behalf. He couldn’t bear to see her forking out such a massive sum for a gift for him. 

“Thank you, Xiaoxiao.” But seeing how things had turned out, he first thanked Long Xiaoxiao before turning to Qin Hang. “Thank you, Brother Qin.”

“You need not thank me. That was my gift to Long Xiaoxiao, so she has the right to give it to anyone she wants to. I wouldn’t have given it to you if it was on me,” Qin Hang scoffed.

“Oh?” Chu Feng replied with a smile. 

He could tell that Qin Hang was displeased with the situation, so he wasn’t bothered by the latter’s grumbling. His earlier expression of gratitude was also sincere and not spoken out of mockery. After all, Qin Hang had really spent a huge sum on it.

Sensing that the atmosphere was amiss, Long Xiaoxiao quickly interjected, “Chu Feng, let me introduce you to Senior Qin Hang, a young master from the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect. He is the youngest son of the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect’s sectmaster.”

That explained Qin Hang’s extravagance, though it also piqued Chu Feng’s curiosity as to how Long Xiaoxiao had gotten acquainted with someone like that. As if sensing Chu Feng’s curiosity, Long Xiaoxiao sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng to explain the situation.

Long Xiaoxiao’s master was on good terms with an elder from the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect. While they were resting at one of the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect’s cultivation grounds, they happened to chance upon Qin Hang, who was pretending to be an outsider to tease the juniors cultivating in the area. 

Qin Hang, confident in his strength, thought that he could tease those juniors without revealing his identity. Little did he know that there was an elder on the cultivation ground. The elder, upon seeing that an outsider had barged into the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect’s territory without permission and was even taunting them, immediately rushed forward to curb him. 

As a result, Qin Hang was badly beaten up before he could reveal his true identity.

It was only thanks to Long Xiaoxiao’s interference that bought him time to reveal his identity. Back then, he was so angry that he wanted all of them to die for their sins, but Long Xiaoxiao berated him, arguing that those people didn’t know his true identity, and that he was at fault too for concealing his identity to prank them. 

Qin Hang was not the type to listen to logic—his background was so powerful that he could get his way even when he was being unreasonable—but for some reason, he thought that Long Xiaoxiao’s words made sense. He made an exception and spared those people.

Since then, he had been obedient to Long Xiaoxiao. He even followed her and her master all the way here. It was obvious that he had fallen head over heels for Long Xiaoxiao, which was probably why he squandered an exorbitant price to buy the Ninecolored Heavenly Lightning Pearl for her. 

Long Xiaoxiao was smart about it too. She chose not to touch on Chu Feng’s background, knowing that others tended to look down on him due to that, but instead focused on the fact that he had saved her many times. 

Due to that, Qin Hang’s attitude toward Chu Feng finally improved. At the very least, he was amicable toward him in front of her. 

“Xiaoxiao, are you going to stay here for a while, or are you heading elsewhere soon?” Chu Feng asked.

“I’ll likely be staying here for a while,” Long Xiaoxiao replied.

“Where are you staying? I still have matters on hand, but I’ll look for you once I’m done,” Chu Feng said. 

“Where are you going? I’m free right now. I’ll accompany you.” Long Xiaoxiao didn’t want to part ways with Chu Feng so quickly when it hadn’t been easy for them to reunite here. 

“It’s fine. Tell me where you’re staying, and I’ll look for you once I’m done.”

Chu Feng was going to look for that madwoman. While the latter didn’t seem to harbor any malicious intention toward him, he didn’t think it would be wise to involve Long Xiaoxiao in this. 

“All right. I’ll be heading here next. Look for me there once you’re done with your business.” Long Xiaoxiao knew that Chu Feng had his reasons for not wanting her to tag along, so she took out a map and passed it to him. “Speaking of which, what’s your current cultivation level?”

Her eyes gleamed with expectation as she raised that question.

“Rank three HalfGod level,” Chu Feng replied.


Qin Hang and the other Heavenly Done Immortal Sectmembers looked at Chu Feng in surprise. They hadn’t expected him to be at rank three HalfGod level. 

“What about you?” Chu Feng asked.

Long Xiaoxiao was carrying a treasure that concealed her aura, preventing Chu Feng from seeing through her strength. Even so, he could tell that she must have made huge progress since they last met.

“Damn it, I wasn’t able to overtake you again. You’re too fast!” 

Long Xiaoxiao pouted in dissatisfaction, though a smile soon returned to her face. As much as she wanted to overtake Chu Feng, she was also glad to see that he was growing fast. The only thing she wanted to avoid was him growing beyond her reach. 

“So, how strong are you?” Chu Feng asked.

Long Xiaoxiao had previously obtained the Saint Dragon Remnant’s legacy from the Trial of the Strongest, which was a formidable legacy that complemented her bloodline well. Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao knew that her cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds in the near future. 

“Junior Xiaoxiao is a rank three HalfGod level cultivator,” Qin Hang said.

“Rank three HalfGod level?” 

Chu Feng was overjoyed to hear that a good friend of his was able to catch up with his growth, especially since many of his good friends had fallen behind due to the limitation of their talents. 

“I am indeed at rank three HalfGod level, but I believe I can push it even further. Big brother Chu Feng, you’ll have to stay on your toes. I might not have overtaken you yet, but it’s only a matter of time!” Long Xiaoxiao said.

“You’ll have to work hard too. You should know that I have never slacked off in my cultivation before,” Chu Feng replied with a smile. 

He then bade Long Xiaoxiao farewell and left the area.

Long Xiaoxiao and Qin Hang left the auction hall too. The atmosphere was amicable between them, but Qin Hang’s displeasure only grew. He had seen the smile Long Xiaoxiao directed at Chu Feng, and it was hardly as brilliant as the one she showed to him.

It was then that a voice transmission was relayed to Qin Hang, saying, “Young master, it doesn’t seem like Chu Feng has any background. Shall I kill him?”

It turned out that one of Qin Hang’s protectors had sensed his displeasure and wanted to settle this matter for him.

“What nonsense are you spouting? Didn’t you hear Xiaoxiao say that Chu Feng has saved her on numerous occasions? He is Xiaoxiao’s benefactor! How can I touch someone like that?” Qin Hang roared in anger. 

No one from the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect dared to harbor malicious intentions toward Chu Feng after hearing those words.

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