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While Paul was preparing for his escape, Roel was making his way through a turbid area of utter chaos.

What was it like to go on a journey with a spirit guide?

No one had the answer to this question, not even Antonio, who had researched spatial spells.

The dangers of spatial spells had been known since the ancient era.

It would take sheer ignorance to follow those little things who freely traversed space, as that would have been no different from committing suicide. Spirit guides could go to places humans couldn’t survive in, such as through hot lava that melted everything or deep ocean that instantaneously crushed human bodies into bits.


In order to find Alicia, Roel had wilfully ignored Spiriteer Sovereign Edavia’s opposition and paid a heavy price to awaken Alicia’s spirit guide. Thanks to that, he was now qualified to answer the earlier question.


The way spirit guides searched for their masters wasn’t as efficient as scholars had theorized. Rather, they resorted to the primitive method of tracing their master’s footsteps.

When the white fog enveloping him stopped moving for the first time, Roel found himself standing in the boundary between a forest and a plain. There was no anomaly in the sky, and the night forest was ghastly silent. It didn’t seem like there was anyone in the area.

Roel followed the spirit guide with a confused frown.

It took a while, but he soon figured out where this place was. It was the place Alicia was last seen, as well as the place where he had entered the Witness State to avoid Shrouding Fog.

His face turned solemn.

At the same time, Edavia spoke up. “Why don’t you take a rest? That little thing will likely stop at many places if that’s the way it conducts its search. I can support your soul, but you have to pay a heavy price for utilizing that spatial spell of yours, right?”

“…” Roel fell silent.

He knew how dangerous Silver Devourer’s side effect was. A part of his existence would be devoured based on the frequency and extent of its use, and that was what was happening to him now. A portion of his blood had gone missing, resulting in his face turning slightly pale.

To make things worse, this was only the start of his journey. Knowing he would likely have to use Silver Devourer many times more, he would have to make some preparations no matter how anxious he was.


Besides, he wasn’t so naive as to think that everything would be magically resolved once he found Alicia. It would only be the start of everything.

For instance, Alicia, who had most likely forgotten about him, wouldn’t give up without a fight. She was an Origin Level 1 transcendent now, which meant that she wouldn’t be an easy opponent to deal with.

While Roel had also grown considerably stronger after defeating Deviant Sovereign Banjol, putting him extremely close to Origin Level 1, there was bound to still be a gap between him and true Origin Level 1 transcendents, especially when it came to special existences like Alicia.

He had never thought about fighting with Alicia before, but now that he was in this situation, he realized that Alicia might just be his greatest nemesis. His burst power was indubitably a bad match for her incredible stamina.

I have to at least keep my condition above a certain level before we meet.

With such a thought, Roel turned to his System, which he hadn’t checked on for a long time due to how busy he was. He browsed through the socalled ‘Glorious Return Commemoration Event’ and soon found a trusted brand.

A musthave before an ultimate showdown! Greatly boosts one’s stamina, mana, and different aspects, enabling one to bring out one’s full prowess.

Side Effects: Weakness after battle

Lost too much blood? No worries! As long as you have a breath left in you, Lobor Blood Restoration Serum (Deluxe) will grant you a second life! Just be careful not to drink too much, unless you wish to have one of your brain arteries pop!

Side Effects: Physical exhaustion


50% off items in the event shop

Lobor Restoration and Enhancement Serum Type III

Price: 5000 2500 Gold Coins

Lobor Blood Restoration Serum (Deluxe)


Without any hesitation, Roel tapped on the ‘Yes’ button. There was a flash of light, and two serum bottles from the ancient Loborian civilization appeared in his hands.

While he had faced his fair share of problems consuming Loborian serums in the past, he had to admit that there was no denying their medical potency.

He uncapped the more viscous, red serum and took a sip, and his pale face quickly turned red. It stimulated the speed of his body’s red blood cell regrowth, replenishing the blood he had lost as a result of Silver Devourer’s side effect.

His enhanced metabolism rate piled on his exhaustion, as stated in the serum’s side effect, but that was not a problem as long as he had the Lobor Restoration and Enhancement Serum Type III.

“Oh? You took out quite the formidable stuff. I didn’t think there would be something similar to my library in this world,” Edavia piped up.

“Hm? What do you mean?” Roel was perplexed.

Edavia manifested in front of Roel and blinked her eyes in surprise before asking, “You don’t know the background of that power of yours?”

“Power? Are you referring to the System?” Roel stared at the two serums with a frown as he spoke. “What do you mean when you say that my power is similar to your library?”

“My library holds the stories of the countless people who had lived from the ancient era till now. Its collection will only continue to grow with the death of more intelligent beings. It’s a gift I have received from Sia to pass my time. I’m guessing that power of yours contains the relics from all civilizations from the ancient era till now.”


“!” Roel widened his eyes.

He had to concede that the System was indeed similar to Edavia’s library now that he thought about it, just that the form might be a bit different.

“My ability can only be activated through money or the affection I have received from others,” Roel pointed out.

“It’s the same for me. I have to expend my mana to access the books. Be it money, affection, or mana, those are the prices we have to pay for our powers.”

“You’re saying that my power originates from…”


“…” Roel fell silent.

He had never bothered thinking deeper into the origin of the System, but the theory that the System was Sia’s power manifesting in a form comprehensible to him was plausible.

“So, this is the Kingmaker? She must have really loved you. I had to exchange my freedom for this power,” Edavia said as she pouted in envy.

Roel’s eyebrows shot up as he refuted, “I received this power before I awakened to my bloodline, so I wasn’t the Kingmaker yet. I also don’t think the Mother Goddess would have bestowed such a power on me then, considering how hostile she was to the Kingmaker Clan.”

“I’m talking about Sia, not the Mother Goddess. Sia is the only one capable of weaving this grand spell that transcends space and time.”

“But isn’t Sia already…”

“It could be a fragment of Her soul or a remnant of Her consciousness. I don’t know the exact details, but what’s happened has happened. Even if you weren’t the Kingmaker then, how could Her eyes be obscured by just a few mere years?”


Edavia let out a helpless sigh before she looked at Roel with a dissatisfied expression.

“Something decisive must have happened, leading Her to believe that the future has been decided. That’s why She passed on the power to you in advance. She has always been like that, putting on an impartial front while allowing Her emotions get the better of Her when it came to private matters. That was the case when She chose to spare me, and that’s probably the case when She bestowed that power on you…”


“She must have really loved you. No wonder her main consciousness, the Mother Goddess, sees you as Her child… You should continue working hard.” Edavia awkwardly waved her little hand before disappearing into thin air.

Roel looked at the serums in his hand before murmuring with a nod, “Mm, I will.”

He then turned to the spirit guide. The latter shimmered before advancing, and he followed it.

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