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441 Heavenly Water “Hey, Brother Little Seven, why didn’t Lai Fengshuang inform me beforehand? I could have arranged for eight carriages to pick you up.”

On the bridge, a rough man waved his hand as he ran towards Little Seven.

“Haha, Brother Liqiang, let’s not play such tricks between us brothers. Instead of getting me a palanquin, why don’t you treat me to eight bowls of Drunken Mortal World?”

“Haha, you must, you must. As long as Little Seventh Brother wants to drink, Drunken World will have enough.”

Shi Liqiang said as he gave Little Seven a big hug.

After the hug, Shi Liqiang let go of Little Seven and said,””Brother Xiao Qi, why are you looking for me so urgently?”

“Of course, I came to you because I have something to do.”

Little Seven took out a silver leaf from her pocket and threw it at Shi Liqiang.

Shi Liqiang quickly grabbed it with his hand and glanced at the silver leaf.”So bright. Seventh brother, you’re getting more and more generous now.”

“Do me a favor and I’ll give you five of these silver leaves.”

“Five?” Shi Liqiang’s eyes widened and he frowned.” Brother Little Seven, are you going to do something big?”

Shi Liqiang could feel the value of these silver leaves with just a touch, so when he heard that Little Seven was willing to give five pieces as a reward, his first reaction wasn’t surprise, but that something big was about to happen.

After all, this price was too high, enough to…

He bought several lives.

“It is indeed a big deal, but it is not what you think.”Little Seven took out the map that Jiang Beiran had marked and showed it to Shi Liqiang.” You know all these places, right?””

Shi Liqiang glanced at it and replied,”Aren’t these all the places with secret realms in our county?”

“That’s right.” Little Seven nodded and pointed to the northwest of Feng Shuang City.””This is the place. Have you seen any big shots recently? Or did you have any conflicts?”


Shi Liqiang stared at the map and thought for a while before answering,””A few groups of people from the Crimson Sun Sect seemed to have come earlier, but I don’t know if they’re here to find the mystic realm.” “It’s good that there are clues. Then I’ll have to trouble Brother Liqiang to help me investigate what happened in Five Mile Ravine.”

When Shi Liqiang heard this, he immediately understood.”No wonder Brother Little Seven is willing to pay such a big price. You have a wide range of connections now. You dare to interfere in the matters of cultivators?”

“I’m just trying to make a living. How about it, Brother Liqiang, can you help me?”

“This… Brother Xiao Qi, you know the rules of our trade. Can you let me consider?”

“Eight pieces. If Brother Liqiang still can’t take it, then I can only find someone else to try.”

Without giving Shi Liqiang a chance to consider, Little Seven directly raised the price and expressed that she had other partners.

“This… Alright then! For the sake of your Little Seventh Brother, I’ll do it!”Faced with the temptation of the eight silver leaves, Shi Liqiang finally clapped his hands and agreed.

“How refreshing! Since Brother Liqiang is giving me face, I can’t treat you unfairly. I’ll give you two more silver leaves. I’ll have to trouble you to gather people to investigate the other places in Huangping County that have rumors of secret realms. I want any information related to cultivators.”

“Alright! That’s easy. Thank you for taking care of me, Brother Seven.”

Compared to investigating the whereabouts of a particular sect, it was much easier to investigate the places with rumors of mystic realms. These two silver leaves could be said to be earned for nothing.

[When do you want the news?] Shi Liqiang asked.

“Within three days. The sooner the better.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for you.” Shi Liqiang patted Little Seven’s shoulder and left the bridge.

After Shi Liqiang disappeared into the crowd, Little Seven quickly returned to the restaurant’s Autumn booth.

At this moment, Lin Yuyan had just finished her meal and was looking at the scenery outside the window.

“Sisterinlaw, we’ve already started investigating the matter. There will definitely be news within three days.”After entering the room, Little Seven cupped her hands.

“Alright, I’ll pass the message to Senior Brother.” Lin Yuyan nodded.”

“In addition, I’ve already booked a heaventier room for you at Qingrong Inn. If you feel tired, you can go there to rest.”

“Got it.”

“Then I’ll go around and ask around to find out about this matter as soon as possible.”

“Alright, go ahead.”

“Goodbye, little brother.”

After Little Seven left, Lin Yu Yan took out her waist token and said,””Shixiong, Little Seven said that he has already started investigating.”

“Got it.” Jiang Beiran’s voice came from the waist tag.

“Ah ~ I’m talking to Senior Brother through voice transmission again. Is this the sweet life of a newlywed? Isn’t this too blissful?’

Lin Yuyan rubbed her waist token against her face and began to think about the people she could mobilize in Huangping County.

Three days later, Little Seven once again waited for Shi Li Qiang on the arch bridge.

“I’ve investigated everything.” Shi Liqiang said as he placed his hands on the armrest of the bridge.

“Let’s talk about the matter at Five Mile Ravine first.”Little Seven, who was leaning against the armrest, replied.

“When the Crimson Sun Sect went there, another strange phenomenon occurred in the Five Mile Ravine. I spent a lot of effort to find out this information.”

“Another phenomenon?” Little Seven’s eyes lit up. She felt that things were getting better.

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