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“When my immortal artifact was still there, money would magically find its way into my pocket! I didn’t even bother to look at those few copper coins!” Lv Xiucai pretended to disdainfully look at the shop assistant who had just kicked him out.

“Sorry, sir, no matter what you say, this shop does not offer credit.” The shop assistant said with a drooping face, then draped a white towel over his shoulder and turned to enter the hall.

“Hey!” Lv Xiucai was about to say something else when he was stopped by the woman beside him, his wife Tao Er, whom he had bought with silver.

She untied the package on her back and took out two pancakes to hand over.

“I don’t want it! If you want to eat, then eat it yourself! As a man like me, Lv Xiucai, do I need to eat leftovers from a woman?” Lv Xiucai pushed the pancakes back.

He wanted to go back to Niuxin Mountain to find Li Huowang, but he didn’t have any money. The journey wasn’t far, but he spent all his money on the same day he earned it, without leaving a single cent.

He had originally thought of asking his brothers who had once eaten and drank with him for some help, but he didn’t expect those bastards to turn their backs on him.

“You have such determination, but how did you end up in a situation where you can’t even afford a meal, Lv Xiucai?”

Hearing the mocking voice behind him, Lv Xiucai’s face immediately turned angry. He rolled up his sleeves and was about to turn around when he saw Chun Xiaoman and Bai Lingmiao on a carriage.

“Oh! What a coincidence! It’s you guys! Are you going back to Niuxin Village? I can drive the carriage!” Lv Xiucai was about to get on the carriage but was kicked down.

“Did I ask you to get on the carriage?” Bai Lingmiao, by the window, looked down at Lv Xiucai.

Lv Xiucai stood up with Tao Er’s support and looked at the whitehaired woman in front of him with confusion.

This woman gave him a completely different feeling from before. If the previous Bai Lingmiao was gentle and quiet, the current Bai Lingmiao had become much more arrogant.

“What’s wrong with Miss Bai?” Lv Xiucai asked Chun Xiaoman, who was holding the reins.

Chun Xiaoman sighed lightly. “What else can it be? She’s become like you.”

“Oh? Did she also hold the master’s sword?” Lv Xiucai widened his eyes in surprise.

“Xiaoman, stop talking. Let’s go.” Bai Lingmiao ignored Lv Xiucai and directly pulled down the carriage curtain.

“Hey! Why are you leaving? Give us a ride! Are you going back to Niuxin Mountain? We happen to be going the same way! Hey! Has the master returned to Niuxin Mountain?” Lv Xiucai hurriedly caught up and tapped the wooden carriage, but there was no response.

Lv Xiucai followed along the way and finally the carriage stopped at the entrance of an inn.

The shop assistant led the carriage into the backyard, while Bai Lingmiao ignored Lv Xiucai and pulled Chun Xiaoman towards the hall.

Just as Lv Xiucai and Tao Er sat down at the Eight Immortals table with them, Bai Lingmiao suddenly looked coldly at him. “Did I ask you to sit?”

“Hey! Miss Bai, don’t be so heartless. Our relationship is so” Lv Xiucai tried to get closer.

“What relationship do I have with you? Are you my fellow disciple who escaped with me, or are you from my Bai family?”

A burst of anger surged in Lv Xiucai’s heart. This woman used to be so good, how did her personality become so annoying? “Fine! Skipping a meal won’t kill me, will it? I’ll just go find food somewhere else!”

He immediately pulled Tao Er and went to an empty table nearby.

Feeling the tense atmosphere, Chun Xiaoman wanted to say something but felt her shoe being kicked by Bai Lingmiao. She stopped speaking.

Soon, four dishes and a soup were served. Listening to the chewing and soupslurping sounds around him, Lv Xiucai couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

“Oh, by the way.”

When Lv Xiucai heard Bai Lingmiao speaking to him, he immediately pretended not to care and glanced in the other direction.

“You don’t need to follow us anymore. Go find food somewhere else. Niuxin Village belongs to my Bai family, and I decide who can stay. And you, kid, make me sick just by looking at you.”

“What!?” Lv Xiucai jumped up in anger. “You can’t do this! Our Lv family troupe is also staying there!”

“If you stay there, it will become their home? If you dare to follow, I’ll make the Lv family troupe leave as well.”

Lv Xiucai wanted to say something, but when he saw the eerie Twin Soul suddenly appearing behind Bai Lingmiao, he couldn’t say a word.

He slammed the table hard, his eyes turning red, and angrily pulled Tao Er towards the door.

Seeing his departing figure, Chun Xiaoman spoke up. “Miao Miao, isn’t this going too far? After all, he is Master Lv’s son.”

“I didn’t hit him or curse at him, so how is it too far? Did you see the way he treated his own father? Why should I help such an ungrateful scum? Besides, just now, he was begging for help, was that the attitude of someone asking for help?” Bai Lingmiao said, then picked up the fourth bowl of rice and continued eating.

After finally finding a county town, Bai Lingmiao didn’t rush to leave. She planned to have a good sleep at the inn before continuing the journey.In the bustling market, Lv Xiucai was grumbling in resentment, occasionally cursing under his breath with gritted teeth.

No matter how fiercely he cursed, it couldn’t quell the rumbling in his stomach. He glanced at the woman trailing quietly behind him, her eyebrows furrowed, and continued to lead her around the county town in search of food.

But without money, where could they find food? By the time the sun set, they had only managed to fill their stomachs with water.

“Hey, man! Come here! Are you short on cash?” A man in a dim alleyway beckoned to Lv Xiucai.

Lv Xiucai walked over in surprise and asked, “What’s up?”

The man opened his hand, revealing a few pieces of broken silver in front of Lv Xiucai. Just as Lv Xiucai’s eyes lit up, the mustachioed man quickly withdrew his hand.

Seeing Lv Xiucai’s eagerness to ask, he pointed to Tao’er behind Lv Xiucai. “Three taels of silver, how about letting your wife serve as a concubine for a year?”

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“A concubine?”

“Don’t understand? It means borrowing your wife’s womb to have a son, and after she gives birth, she’ll be returned to you in one piece.”

“You bastard!” With a thud, Lv Xiucai’s fist landed directly on the man’s face. Naturally, the man retaliated, and the two immediately started fighting.

Lv Xiucai was shorter and smaller than his opponent, so he was beaten quite badly.

Just as Tao’er rushed over to break up the fight, she was slapped away by the man. Seeing this, Lv Xiucai’s eyes turned red with rage.

“You bastard! I’ll fight you to the death!” Lv Xiucai pulled out a small dagger from his bosom, finally making the man’s fists stop.

Seeing Lv Xiucai’s eyes filled with murderous intent, the man gave a cold snort, feeling somewhat intimidated, and turned to leave.

Once he relaxed, Lv Xiucai felt pain all over his body. He rolled his tongue in his mouth, and spat out two molars along with some blood onto the ground. “Damn it, why am I so unlucky!”

(End of Chapter)

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