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Chapter 2263 Frogs Eat Bugs

The long whip flicked out and the world seemed to become bloodred. It seemed like countless ghosts were crawling out of the ground and letting out piercing cries. Even though the Soul Tower abated most of the assault on his soul, Tianming still felt stabbing pains.

Qi Qiling’s decision had been the right one. Tianming wouldn’t dare to kill anyone under the observation of an Oldgod Ring, so she could rely on her advantage, her soul, to force Tianming to release his hostage.

However, she had miscalculated.

Before, Tianming had been her young brother’s opponent, so she had underestimated him. He used the Godsin in one hand to keep Qi Hongzhen under control, as well as bind his hands so he couldn’t summon his warbeasts. His other hand held the GrandOrient Sword and, with all the might his Fiendsky Arm could muster, he thrust it forward!

The whip’s power was crushed, but that didn’t stop the assault on Tianming’s soul. It wasn’t that the Soul Tower was weak; it was Tianming’s soul itself that was the weak link.

“Release him!” Qi Qiling snapped. Her whip moved so fast it covered the entire sky as it bore down on Tianming once more. Any onlooker would say that he was being suppressed by a peak stellaminor.

However, that was all according to Tianming’s plan. He had always been bait to distract her from the very start. Qi Qiling underestimating him was the best chance for him to seize the treasure.

A current of silver flooded out. Naturally, it was tens of millions of Yin Chen, all transformed into their bonegnaw ant mode. Furthermore, it was no longer small and had become larger than fists.

The bonegnaw ants quickly covered the rock fragments in three layers of Yin Chens, then they gathered together and formed a giant silver ball that began rolling into a hole in the ground!

“Elder Sister!” Qi Hongzhen, who had been facing the pile of fragments, shrieked toward Qi Qiling.

“What the hell are those?” Qi Qiling had seen many lifebound beasts and wildbeasts of the broodmothertype, but never any that could coordinate so well.

“Take the item first and ignore him! He won’t dare to kill me!” Qi Hongzhen shouted.

Qi Qiling really hadn’t expected that metal bugs would appear out of nowhere. Yin Chen had used its invisible cockroach form to approach, which caused her to lose the initiative.

For the ebons, awakening their sleeping wildbeasts was a complicated and tedious affair. Thus, they usually wouldn’t summon them. It was natural that, as infinite beastmasters that could have dozens of beasts, there would be advantages and disadvantages.

However, the fragments had now been stolen. Qi Qiling was furious and used her violet pupils to activate her fauna worldstone, making the starvore frog and a dozen or so strange wildbeasts appear.

“Eat that ball!” Qi Qiling no longer bothered with Qi Hongzhen, but sat on the frog’s head and began directing it.

Although the frog was large, its form was long and sleek without an ounce of fat on its body. It was clearly an agile creature. Its attention focused on the ball; Yin Chen was unable to hide itself due to the fragments it was carrying.

The frog and its minions all gave out loud cries before bounding forward with shocking speed. However, it and Qi Qiling’s brains were unable to process what happened next.

The ball broke up into thousands of smaller balls that rolled in different directions. Now, the fragments were all being brought to different places. The frog simply froze in confusion.

“Eat it all!” Qi Qiling screamed, angry at its stupidity.

Something frightening happened. The frog opened its mouth, revealing tens of thousands of tentaclelike tongues. They shot out like arrows, accurately targeting the fragments Yin Chen had grabbed. The tongues moved faster than Yin Chen could, which was normal as frogs relied on their tongues to catch their prey: bugs in flight. The frog could be described as the current Yin Chen’s natural predator.

However, Yin Chen wasn’t fighting alone.

Qi Hongzhen was useless to Tianming, since he couldn’t kill him, so he just threw him aside before joining his lifebound beasts in attacking the frog. As the tongues neared Yin Chen, Lan Huang used its Primordial Wheel and violently smashed into the frog while Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Xian Xian’s abilities all targeted the roots of the tongues.

The frog cried in pain and was sent rolling away as it withdrew its tongues. Not one Yin Chen had been eaten. It was furious that it had been attacked by a group of ‘small animals’, and its tongues’ roots were its weak points.

“Ignore them! Go for the bugs and leave them to me!” Qi Qiling jumped down from the frog.

Even though the frog was unwilling, it followed its orders and entered the Pentaphase Ocean. Yin Chen was far from as fast as Meow Meow, so it hadn’t been able to flee far enough. Plus, the frog’s tongues were able to cover a frightening distance. If it weren’t for Tianming and the rest, none of the Yin Chens would have escaped.

The frog was almost as fast as Meow Meow as it chased down Yin Chen. Its eyes were also excellent at tracking moving bugs, so it was filled with confidence.

Previously, when she had fought Lin Lele, Qi Qiling had spent the entire time hiding inside the frog. However, facing Tianming, she raised her whip and pulled all her nova wildbeasts out of her fauna worldstone. As twenty wildbeasts surrounded him, Tianming was left with no path of escape.

“What’s the point in letting those bugs run? Even if it can escape, can you? As long as I get you, everything will still become mine.” Qi Qiling sneered.

“Then why not call the frog back so you can guarantee my capture?”

“Dream on. You, those bugs… I’m catching you all!” Qi Qiling coldly said. She didn’t want Tianming to order Yin Chen to destroy all the fragments if he was pushed into a corner. Him courageously coming out to try robbing her convinced her that the ring finger had value.

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