Isekai, is a fantasy sub-genre that tells about life in another world. In various ways (summoning rituals, reincarnation, and so on), the main characters will move from their original world to a new, unknown world. The protagonist will live a life full of exciting adventures, where they will gradually build prestige and glory like the main characters of the story in general. A world as if created especially for the main characters.


Have you ever thought about the fate of the side characters who live in that world? They were created solely as a stepping stone for the main character. They are always the object of misfortune and oppression in order to highlight the main character. They are ignored, both by the creators themselves and by their fans.

This story will tell the journey and struggle of Arthur Gerespekteer in finding the meaning of 'justice'. A young man who is forced to go through various kinds of sorrows and sorrows as a result of his destiny as a supporting actor. He was driven by various kinds of trials that repeatedly forced him to fall into the abyss of despair. Nevertheless, Arthur still rises and continues to struggle in his search to create justice itself.

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  • TAOSC #1 - Life is Harsh for Side Character
  • TAOSC #2 - Side Character as an Adventurer

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