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“Do you want to be God’s mother?” This crazy thought excited the other two too.

“It’s hard for us to do this alone. I bring you here today mainly to investigate God’s mother. After we confirm her ability, I’ll contact the people in Hope City and Tragedy Investigation Center to head into Zone A, luring them there.” Brother Chou had planned everything. “With the personality of the people at the center, they wouldn’t be able to stop themselves from capturing such a unique ghost.”

“We’ll be able to kill three birds with one stone. We can use this to weaken the center and silence the protest against us at Hope City.” The man with a tattoo of a black club on his face laughed. His wish was for everyone to die.

“We have to take this slow. When we have control of Hope City, we can do anything we want.” Brother Chou smiled wickedly, “Ruin and tragedy. We’ll create our own heaven.” The three criminals were so stuck in their dream that they didn’t realize death was coming.

Brother Chou had prepared a lot for this plan. He took out tattered clothes from his bag. “God’s biological mother is very rich. She didn’t have to do anything on her own until she had her own child. She started baking for her kid and used different fruits to help her kid differentiate between colors. She sewed this bright shirt for her kid. It’s bright and eyecatching. It’s good for safety.” Brother Chou then stuck the blade into the collar. The cloth bled. Soul screamed.

“This cursed object will lead us closer to God’s mother.” Brother Chou put the clothes on. They destroyed their friends’ bodies and took out a large luggage bag from the side room. “Take everything and be ready to depart.” The three left the orphanage. Han Fei followed them silently. These criminals were not attacked by ghosts. They were protected by the altar world. They were the ‘police’ God used to defend this world. In this worst future, the criminals were the rule makers.

The three criminals and Han Fei came to Sky Garden. This skyscraper was one of Xin Lu’s most luxurious residential areas. A garden was built on the rooftop. A famous rich people’s kindergarten was here too. Gao Cheng was sent to school here. Even though he couldn’t see, with his parent’s protection, no one dared to bully him.

“Things went smoother than I thought.” Brother Chou touched the bloodstain on the clothes. “I can feel the mother’s love and the reliance on God. I can’t wait to be its mother.”

This was the first time Han Fei ventured so deep into Zone A. This place was not like what he remembered. Compared to the abandoned Zone C, Zone A retained its current appearance. “I hear that God’s mother likes children. God became so twisted because God’s mother fell in love with another child.” The man with the club tattoo mocked. He wasn’t respectful towards God.

“There’s such a rumor, so I’ve prepared other things too to convince God’s mother to appear.” Brother Chou opened the large luggage. Inside was a little boy with cute features and fair skin. “I’ve spent a lot to find this pretty thing.” He removed the rope around the boy. He held a candy in his left hand and a knife in his right. “Kid, listen to me, and I’ll give you the candy, or else I’ll cut your face.”

Han Fei felt that things weren’t going well. He was about to stop the man, but he was too late. Brother Chou placed his hand on the boy’s head. He used his power on the innocent boy. Brother Chou chanted, and his voice changed. His voice became as young as a child.

Brother Chou’s body collapsed, and the boy opened his eyes. His face twisted with a scary smile. “Haha. I didn’t expect the desire to dominate can be a part of my persona too. I love this city too much.”

The man with the club tattoo glanced at the fainted Brother Chou. “I wonder how did you awaken this persona. Isn’t it a bit ridiculous to take over another person’s body?”

“I guess it’s because I’ve been wishing to do that. I’ve killed all the women I’ve loved. Most of them had never really looked me in the eyes and talked to other men before me. I was tortured by this man, and my goal was to dominate all of them.” The young boy said these horrid things.

“Now, you get your wish.”

“Yes. After I get this power, I have not killed. I made them into my living specimen. When I want to see them, I’ll bring them out.” The crazy smile was a high contrast to the boy’s cute face. Han Fei held the knife and slowly approached the murderers. He had to murder all of them, or Hope City would be in danger.

“God’s mother is here. Let us go.” The boy put on the old clothes and walked down the empty hall.

“Based on the center’s information, Sky Garden is a Black Building, but the Pure Hatred here likes to wander around…” Brother Chou suddenly stopped. He felt his clothes being pulled by something. Many ghosts lived in the building. It was dangerous in the day. However, the piece of old clothes was the best talisman. All the ghosts ignored them. Han Fei benefited too. They came to the fifth floor without any issues.

“This is it! Take my body and retreat! She is coming!”

After opening a glass door filled with children’s paintings, a horrible scene appeared. The kindergarten was slathered with blood. Several teachers with missing eyes kept repeating the same words. There was not one normal kid at the kindergarten. Everyone was missing something. They wore the most expensive clothes but had to suffer the worst torture. There was a small altar in the middle of the kindergarten. In the middle of the altar was a human head red floor. The kids’ heads hung on the root. Their soul was connected to the flower. Once the flower wilted, every kid would die.

Han Fei stopped. He looked at the pictures on the wall. These kids were Gao Cheng’s classmates. They looked after Gao Cheng and were willing to play with him. They didn’t bully Gao Cheng because he was blind. These kids were kind, but they offended God.

“Gao Xing was bullied since he was young, but Gao Cheng was surrounded by friends.” Han Fei smelled the blood in the air, and he frowned. “Gao Xing’s hatred has expanded beyond Gao Cheng. He wants to take revenge on everyone.”

“This flower is so special.” Brother Chou was distracted by the flower. It was bloody and red. The kids and teachers didn’t stop him. If anything, it looked like they were asking him for help. Brother Chou wasn’t there to help anyone. He sat beside the altar and stared at the human head on the pot. He resisted the urge to pull it down. The light in the building dimmed. It was afternoon, but it felt like it was night. The kids suddenly sensed something. They started to chatter like birds. Footsteps came from the empty corridor. The clean walls became covered with blood vessels. Soon, they covered the whole building. Something moved in the dark. When Han Fei reacted, there was another figure at the kindergarten door.

“Ghost Mother?” Han Fei had seen Ghost Mother, but this was not her. Her skin was clean and smooth. “The Ghost Mother I’ve seen is covered in wounds like a ragdoll that has been torn apart and sewn back together.”

Han Fei held his breath and continued to observe. The woman slowly entered the kindergarten. She held a pair of pruning scissors. When she saw the boy beside the altar, she stopped. Her hatredfilled eyes froze on the boy’s clothes. Blood tears slid down her cheeks. With just a glance, the woman’s eyes shattered like glass. Her body started to crack too. The woman wailed in pain. Her hands waved around. The eyes cracked and fell to the ground. Two empty holes remained on her face. The woman was cursed that she could only lay eyes on her own child. If she saw some other children, her eyes would shatter. Han Fei compared the woman and Ghost Mother.

When Ghost Mother was on Gao Xing’s side, she was the perfect woman. However, when she wanted to help Gao Cheng, everything she had would be taken away.

“How much pain Ghost Mother suffers to come to see me that day?”

Han Fei sent his consciousness into the abyss and shared his thoughts with Gao Cheng. “Your mother really loves you.”

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